Sweet Potatoes also referred to as yams, sweet potatoes are a dicotyledon – a plant with a seed that has two embryonic leaves. The color of the tuber varies from white/pale yellow to purple and even red. The factors that contribute to the tuber color are climate, soil variety and the availability of minerals.

Tuber color also affects the texture of the sweet potato; the white/pale yellow colored tubers tend to be juicier than the red and purple alternatives. When boiling the red variety of sweet potatoes, you will notice that a distinct aroma is given off. It is thought that this smell arises from the prominence of beta-carotene within the red-colored yams.






Now, let’s take a closer look at the health advantages of sweet potatoes.


Strengthen the Immune System

Sweet potatoes are packed full of vitamins and minerals, most notably: beta-carotene, vitamin-C, B-complex vitamins, phosphorus, and iron. Due to the nature of these vitamins and minerals, it can provide a huge boost to the immune system, helping to ward off illnesses and other ailments.


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Inflammation Treatment

Much like the common potato, sweet potatoes have properties that allow them to act as anti-inflammatories. However, do not be mistaken and fall for the common misconception that they are from the same family as common potatoes, as this is untrue. The minerals that allow sweet potatoes to act in such a way are: beta-carotene, magnesium and vitamin-C, and their effectiveness are equal in both curing internal and external inflammation.

Asthma Treatment

Sufferers of asthma will often find themselves short of breath, with congestion of the nose and bronchi being issues that contribute to this. The distinct aroma of sweet potatoes allows them to have a clearing effect on both areas. Therefore, the boiling of sweet potatoes within an asthmatic’s home can have extremely remedial effects.

Bronchitis Treatment

Vitamin-C and iron is a couple of minerals that have a positive effect on sufferers of bronchitis. Due to the heavy concentration of both minerals within sweet potatoes, it helps to combat this medical condition. Alongside the above mentioned, they have a very powerful effect on congestion, allowing them to free up biological areas such as the bronchus.


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Arthritis Treatment

The management of arthritis is greatly eased through the intake of minerals such as zinc, magnesium, beta-carotene and vitamin-B complex. Sweet potatoes are carriers of all these minerals, making them extremely effective in the battle against joint arthritis. You can use boiled water of sweet potatoes to the affected joints as an external remedy, helping to ease pain and aches.

Straight Forward Digestion

Other health advantages of sweet potatoes are that it contains high fiber content, meaning that they are great contributors to the efficiency of the digestive system. Not only does this mean they are easy to digest, but foods eaten within the period following yam consumption will also have an easier time making it through the digestive processes of the body.

Cancer Fighters

Now, sweet potatoes aren’t the direct cure for cancer, but they certainly can be very helpful. Beta-carotene, both an antioxidant and anticarcinogenic mineral, alongside vitamin-C are very beneficial in the battle against cancer and they are available in this vegetable. The pair of minerals is at their most effective when confronting cancers that affect the internal organs.


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Stomach Ulcer Treatment

It plays an important role in calming and soothing effect on the stomach once consumed. The minerals within sweet potatoes (beta-carotene, B-complex vitamins, vitamin-C, etc.) are all greatly effective at curing stomach ulcers. Moreover, their ability to prevent constipation and the resulting formation of acid means that they can also first prevent stomach ulcers before having to cure them.

Diabetic Control

Popular belief states that sweet potatoes really don’t have any positive effects on people suffering from diabetes. However, this is not the case. Sweet potatoes are great regulators of blood sugar levels by aiding the proper function and secretion of insulin. Although, diabetics should not consume indiscriminately, rather they are a healthier and more useful alternative to other carbohydrates, such as rice.


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Water Balance Maintenance

Fibre, commonly found in sweet potatoes, can help the body to retain water. This allows your body to correctly maintain water levels, which both keeps you hydrates and allows cell function to be at full efficiency.

Promote Weight Gain

With high amounts of complex starch accompanied by other healthy vitamins, minerals, and proteins, sweet potatoes provide a ton of energy and can really help those who are looking to bulk up a little. This is also welcome news to those of us who suffer from health conditions meaning that is difficult to gain a few pounds; they should be your go-to remedy!


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Further Benefits of Sweet Potato

It helps people to quit unhealthy addictions, such as smoking and drinking. Furthermore, sweet potatoes are great for the upkeep of veins and arteries, ensuring that their walls are protected from hardening. The contained concentration of beta-carotene and phosphorus is also excellent for the upkeep of both cardiac and ocular health.


Now that you are aware of the outstanding health advantages of sweet potatoes, go grab yourself some and get eating!