What are the guava leaves? They are leaves belonging to the guava plant that is favorite fruit of all. As much as the fruit could have its separate advantages, the benefits of the guava leaves are many and not knowing these means you are missing out on a healthy lifestyle.

There are 15 surprising benefits of guava leaves. Discover how you can take benefits of guava leaves in this article.


1- Control Diabetes with Catechins:

The Guava leaves contain catechins that help burn fat effectively and naturally regulate blood sugars. A consumption of the leaves is a good approach to use in controlling diabetes.

2- Suppress the Cholesterol Levels:

The Guava leaves contain Gallic acid inclusive of other catechins that help suppress the cholesterol levels in the body. Having a low cholesterol level means you stand a lower risk of cardiovascular ailments.

3- Prevent Toothache Causing Microbes:

Guava leaves can help prevent toothache microbes from developing in your mouth. In doing this your tooth have an extra shield against cavities and other tooth pain associated diseases. Intake of guava tree leaves on a daily shall pay off for your toothache tendencies.

4- Age Slower:

If you are looking for an anti-aging solution, then leaves is your companion. Guava leaves contain many tannins and flavonoids that reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. You can soak the leave in water and apply it to the skin regularly to achieve results.

5- Boost Your Fertility:

There are several studies that suggest that a supplementary diet with guava leaves can increase sperm count and assist your fertility. You need not wait for a doctor’s report on low sperm count before you can decide on making this a part of your diet. The leaves shall surely increase your sperm count but for cases of infertility or sterility please consult your doctor.


6- Stimulate the Release Of Digestive Enzymes:

Enzymes assist in digestion by breaking down the food molecules into granular pieces that the body can easily use for absorption of nutrients. Guava leaves stimulate the release of enzymes and in doing so they help speed the digestion and improving the nutrient intake for your body.

7- Make Juice Out Of Guava Leaves for Less Hair Loss:

If you are struggling with hair loss, guava leaf is an organic option you can use to reduce this. Guava tree leaves contain antioxidants that can prevent hair loss aiding radicals and inflammatory tendencies of the scalp which causes premature hair loss. Making a juice out of guava leaves shall assist with the hair loss.

8- Reduce a Risk of Prostate Cancer:

There you are and exposed to a risk of prostate cancer, guava leaves contain antioxidants that could cause inflammation and stress leading to prostate cancer. A doctor’s advice on the level of risk is important and we advise that you seek a doctor’s advice on the extent of prostate if you could be at risk.

9- Cut On The Weight:

We already looked at cutting down the cholesterol levels in your body which means less weight. As an alternative way, the guava tree leaves stop the absorption of sugar increasing carbohydrates and prevents the body from an intake of calories that increase weight in the body.


10- Brew It in Tea to Ease a Sore Throat:

So you are a fanatic of green tea? Same as they make green tea from leaves, you can have your leafy version of tea by adding guava leaves to the tea. Guava tree leaves shall soothe inflammation or any irritations inside the throat. Brew it in tea today for a sore throat relief.

11- Black Spot and Acne Relief:


Guava leaves have been so popular in the cosmetic industry, in that they process them as an ingredient in the products. The leaf juice is an alternative to breaking inflammation and suppresses blackheads on the skin. You can use this as a relief.

12- Antiseptics for Infections and Wounds:

You can apply guava leaves sap on the infections and wounds. In crushing and making a salve from the leaves. Now apply directly to wounds, it makes the wounds less septic, and it also assists with healing.

13- Build Immunity to Fight Dengue Fever:

It increases platelet levels in the body by eating guava leaves. The higher the platelet levels in the body, the more likely is one to fight back any arousing signs of dengue fever. This makes guava tree leaves an organic remedy for fighting dengue fever.

14- Fight Respiratory Bronchitis:

Inflammation-reducing the tendency of guava leaves makes it a no-brainer recovery option for conditions as bronchitis and aiding one’s ability to cough the thick mucus.

15- Prevent Diarrhea and Dysentery:

Chewing guava leaves help in the prevention of diarrhea and dysentery. If you cannot chew, then you can crush and drink the solution to assist for the same.

Bottom Line:

After discovering these surprising benefits of guava leaves you can start using these leaves as a supplementary diet for your healthy lifestyle.