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Spanish Frittata Recipe

Frittata (Omelette) is an Italian word. You can roughly translate this word as “fried”. Spanish Frittata Recipe is an egg-based Italian dish like an omelet

Biscuit and Cheese Cake Recipe

Biscuit and Cheese Cake Recipe is the childhood favorite. It is one of the best easy recipes for children. They love to eat Cheese Cake.

Chicken Spring Rolls Recipe

Chicken Spring Rolls Recipe is a variation of vegetarian spring rolls and it is one of the delicious appetizers. These are similar to Chinese spring roll recipe but have a local taste.

Chicken Rezala Recipe

  Chicken Rezala Recipe is an East Indian dish. It is originated in Bengal. It is authentic and very popular in Bengal.  In this superb recipe, the chicken is slow-cooked in the cashew nut paste with a combination of sweet-scented spices that lend a marvelous, healthy dish.   Ingredients: Chicken [...]

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