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Keema Biryani | Qeema Biryani | Minced Mutton Biryani

A traditional recipe, Keema biryani is a unique dish made with rice, spices, meat (lamb, chicken, beef ...) or fish and vegetables. It is prepared with lamb in this easy-to-make, step-by-step recipe. Discover this typical dish of Asian cuisine...

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Qeema Naan Recipe | Keema Naan Recipe

Today, I’m going to share a delicious and absolutely one of the best recipes of Qeema Naan or Keema Naan. Normally, people cook twice or thrice a year; however, whenever they make it’s an absolute food and treat.

Famous Royal Bread Pudding

Royal Bread Pudding is a famous dessert recipe and well-liked by the all-aged group throughout the world. It needs a few ingredients and you can make it in the kitchen easily.

Best Tahini Sauce | Homemade Tahini Sauce Recipe

Truly speaking, Tahini Sauce goes well with Middle Eastern recipes and dishes. You can use it as a sauce. It’s also beautiful with roasted vegetables and mixed herbs.

Homemade Hummus | Creamy Chickpea Cream | Middle Eastern Recipe

Generally speaking, hummus is very difficult to make at home because of its preparation and handling. But we bring an easy and homemade Hummus recipe for you.

Zarda Recipe 2020 | Sweet Rice Recipe

Preparation of Zarda Recipe 2020 or Sweet Rice Recipe requires boiled rice with the addition of orange food color, sugar, milk as the main ingredients. Zarda has an amazing taste and everyone is fond of this dessert recipe.

Smoked Meat Mince | Dum ka Qeema | Dum ka Keema

Smoked Meat Mince | Dum ka Qeema, here meat infuses in a natural, coal smoky way that brings aromatic flavor and the supreme tenderness to your favorites Dum ka Keema.

Bread Potato Kebab | Superb Snack Recipe

A great snack recipe with the evening tea for all the age groups. Every member including children will love to eat bread potato kebab. It is easy to make in your kitchen.

Bheja Fry | Brain Fry Recipe | Maghaz Masala 

Bheja Fry | Brain Fry Recipe | Maghaz Masala. Generally, these types of dishes are prepared during special occasions like Eid-ul-Adha. Try unique and special dishes on this occasion for a remarkable dinner.

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