Eggplants are one of the most popular vegetables known to many dieticians due to the enormous health benefits and great flavors. It is of many varieties and types, unknown to most people. It is a delicious and amazing health vegetable that can make the best option for your weekly diet.

Different types of eggplants are found in different part of the world. So, base on your geographical location in the world, it is possible that some types may be available more or even less. But, the exciting thing is that there are always many types available to choose from. That is why you will not even find it difficult to find the eggplant that can suit your needs.


Types of Eggplants You Need To Know

Below is a list of some notable eggplants you can easily find in most parts of the world.

Graffiti Eggplant:

These eggplants measured about 3-8-inch in length. The name “Graffiti” is giving to this eggplant due to its strange nature. The outer part of this eggplant is of uniquely teardrop-shaped. It is streaked also with purple and white color which is also used to run lines similar to spray paint on it. This particular eggplant is extremely bitter making most cultures to see it as a toxic vegetable. Nevertheless, it has been discovered that the skin of this eggplant contains some compounds that help to prevent some types of cancer. This type is usually cooked and use to prepare the sauce.

Italian Eggplant:

The Italian eggplants are among the most popular type in the world found mainly in the Mediterranean and Europe region. This type is measured about 8-10-inches in length and is wider at the base part. The skin of this eggplant is glossy with colors ranges from deep purple to light lavender. This type produces milder flavor when compared with other types.

Japanese Eggplant:

The longer, as well as a more slender look of this eggplant, made it easy to be recognized. The colors are dark purple and some usually come with almost black color. Due to the thin skin, it is not being reduced when cooking as done with other types. Also, these eggplant types have few seeds inside making it easy to be removed. Japanese eggplant is rich in several nutrients making it a good health food. Some of the nutrients found in it include Vitamin C, Potassium, antioxidants, and dietary fiber.

Chinese Eggplants:

The Chinese eggplant is also easy to recognize with more than 18 inches in length and the violet outer color. The special coloring of this eggplant shows a present of little anthocyanins. That made it good for oxidation stress and chronic disease prevention.

Fairy Tale Eggplants:

This eggplant type is smaller in size and has a fair teardrop shape with a bright purple color. This eggplant has an ornamental stem.

White Eggplants:

The white eggplant is about 3 to 6 inches length almost smaller in size with the purple colored eggplant. It has a bell shape or large drupe shape. Before cooking this type, it needs to be peeled due to its thick skin. This type is rich in potassium, magnesium, as well as copper.

Indian Eggplants:

The Indian eggplant is the miniature version of other types. It comes with dark purple and oblong base color and measured about five inches in length. The inner part of this eggplant has cream-white color and usually cooks rapidly. It is harvested in spring, instead of the winter or autumn like other varieties.

Thai Eggplants:

The Thai Eggplant stands out in the midst of other types available. The size, as well as the shape, is similar to that of a golf ball. It has a bright green exterior color with quite lots of stripes of white and purple color.

Green Apple Eggplants:

Just as the name of this eggplant connotes, it looks like green apple both at the exterior and the interior. The flesh usually melts when cooked turning into a creamy texture. This eggplant looks similar to Zucchini but with a unique flavor.