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About CookAwesome

About Cook Awesome



Cook Awesome is a breath of fresh air for individuals who are interested in the art of cooking and in search of new recipes. Unlike the sites online that offer a myriad of different cooking recipes managed by professional cookery magazines or channels, this site is a personally maintained best cooking recipes website for those who believe leisure starts at home (especially the kitchen!).
Almost all the recipe shared on the website are healthy recipes, some of which have been tried personally during my numerous visits to almost all the parts of the world over 25 years.  Some cooking recipes are inspired by professional chefs and cooking websites.  Several other food recipes, beverages, appetizers, salads, snacks, desserts, pizza recipes, etc are provided by our friends and well wishers.




What We Try To Offer You
The prime motive is to offer every individual a taste of the wide variety of foods from around the globe. While many sites aim at offering home cooked specialty family recipes, cook awesome offers viewers’ new tastes and flavor combinations that can arouse their taste buds and inspire them to try out new and exciting cuisine of the world.
Today’s cooking is mostly about fusing foreign cuisine taste with local spices. Whenever I tasted good food in a five star hotel or on the roadside restaurant, I always tried to modernize the recipe and tried to accommodate local taste and spices. This website is an attempt to offer the culinary experiences to the young generation so that they can learn the latest cooking trend and prove themselves in front of family members and guests.


Following the same line, this site offers some of the newest recipes and traditional recipes from around the world.
Since my aim is to offer more and more diverse recipes to everyone, we have included breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, dinner recipes, snack recipes, appetizer recipes, dessert recipes, salad recipes, beverages and baking.


This also includes chicken recipes, mutton recipes, beef recipes, fish recipes, pasta recipes, vegetarian recipes and so on.


For Pakistani and Indian food lovers, we have also presented the cooking recipes in Urdu.


I am open to any suggestions and comments of readers that they might have for improving the site or the recipes. Enjoy the recipes and let us know what you think about it!