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Alaria | Dabberlocks | Badderlocks | Winged Kelp


Alaria is a name of seaweed (leafy) that can be dark green to blackish in color. It is a kind of herb that is delicate in taste. It is also named as Dabberlocks, Badderlocks and Winged Kelp. This edible food source is used various recipes. It is sea plant that is perfect for the side dishes like soups. Considering this green edible powerful source it is cheaper in price. It has a high nutritional profile. It can be cooled, soaked, marinated and fried. Once it is completely cooked it can turn its color to a lighter green. In chopped form it can also be used in salads.


There are significant amount of iodine available in it. It is type of seaweed that can offer calcium, magnesium and B-vitamins to its consumers. It is a type of sea plant that belongs to a family of (Phaeophyceae) and mostly found in Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

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