Amaranth leaves that are also called Amaranthus is a type of cosmopolitan plant that is produced for a shorter period of time. The leaves are originally cultivated in Mexico and then later on it is cultivated and used in different parts of Asia and Africa. The plant leaves looks extremely beautiful with multiple colors like red and purple. Like the other vegetable leaves, they can be consumed in raw form. Traditionally young plants are preferred in dishes because the young plants are tender in nature.

Amaranth Leaves | Chinese Spinach

The cooking combination with cumin, chilies, onion, and pepper is mostly used. Due to the extra nutritional value provided by the vegetable, tasteful curry dishes can also be prepared. High level of protein, minerals, and vitamins are available in it. Other than that Amarnath leaves can also provide support during Antioxidant Activity. This sophisticated Gluten Free plant or Chinese Spinach helps in the bones developments. The process of digestion can be enhanced to a greater extent by the use of Amarnath leaves.