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Anaheim Chili | Anaheim Pepper


Anaheim is a kind of Chile pepper that is originated from New Mexico. It does not have high heat and provide great flavor. It has a lime green pod.  The skin of this food source is quite thick and it has a shiny and smooth appearance.  Due to its peppery zest, it is mostly preferred in Mexican and southern cuisines.

This particular form of Chile is harvested when it is still unripe. By keeping it on the plant, these Chiles are left to ripen naturally until they turn red in color. This source of food can be dried for use as a spice various dishes. It is a type of spice that can add a tasteful compliment to the eggs, soups, stews, meat and vegetables. In most of the cooking techniques, Anaheim chilli is roasted in order to get the characteristically sugary and strong flavor. It is cholesterol free and low-fat pepper.

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