Awesome Apple Pie Recipe

Awesome Apple Pie Recipe

Apple Pie is something which is difficult to resist, but problem is that normally a lot of time is needed for its preparation. Here, we will make things easier for you by discussing an easy and quick method for preparation of Apple Pie. Ingredients that you will need are being mentioned below.



Ingredients: Apple Pie Recipe

• For the crust you will need refrigerated crusts of pie
• For the filling below mentioned things will be needed
• Apples 6 in no number thinly sliced and peeled
• All purpose flour 2 tablespoons
• Ground nutmeg 1/8 teaspoon
• Sugar ¾ cups
• Ground Cinnamon ¾ cups
• Lemon Juice 1 tablespoon
• Salt ¼ teaspoon
• Salt you will need ¼ teaspoon



Preparation Method: Apple Pie Recipe

Oven should be heated to 425 degree Fahrenheit and in it you should place one crust of pie in an ungreased glass plate especially designed for pie. It should be pressed against sides as well as bottom and inside a larger bowl you should consider mixing ingredients and spoon to the pie plate. On its top second crust should be placed. Press the edges together for sealing. Cut shapes in different pieces of the top of crust.

For the next 45 minutes it should be allowed to bake, till crust turns into golden brown color. Edges of crust should be covered with 2-3 inch wide strip of foils after first 20 minutes of the baking of foil have passed and this is done for preventing over browning. Cool for two hours before serving the Apple Pie dish.

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