Badami Kulfa Recipe


This Badami Kulfa is a very sweet and yummy dessert. It is much loved frozen dessert of all age groups and very popular in the world. Rather than buy it, you can easily make this dessert at home. It takes no hard effort and inexpensive as well. Serve your guests with this delicious dessert.


Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cook time: 30 minutes

Ready in: 50 minutes

Keep in the Fridge: 14-16 hours



Badami kulfa Recipe


Milk 1 ½ liter

Sugar ¾ cup

Corn flour 02 tbsp

Condensed milk 04 tbsp

Fresh cream 200 gram

Khoya 250 gram

Cardamom 4-5

Almonds 04 tbsp


Badami kulfa Recipe

Preparation Method:

In a large pot add milk and sugar. Heat it until the milk color changes.

Dissolve 03 tablespoon cornflour in water and add in the milk. Mix it well.

Then add khoya and cook it on a low flame until khoya is dissolved.

Then add cream and mix well.

Now add crushed cardamom, almonds, condensed milk, and mix it. Keep aside until it comes to room temperature.

Then transfer this mixture in a plastic bowl and cover it.

Place in the fridge to freeze it overnight.

Badami kulfa is ready.  Enjoy with your family and friends.


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