Banana Pancakes Recipes

Banana Pancakes Recipes

Banana pancakes are favorites of people belonging to all age groups. This healthy recipe is easy and fun to make but only when you are following the right recipe. Below we will discuss some important points that will make cooking Banana pancakes easy.



Ingredients: Banana Pancakes Recipes

• Half cup of wheat flour
• Baking Powder 2 teaspoon
• Ground Cinnamon half teaspoon
• Fat free milk one cup
• Oil one tablespoon
• Half cup of quick cooking oats
• Sugar one tablespoon
• Ground nutemeg
• One egg
• One sliced banana



How to Prepare Banana Pancakes Recipes

• You will have to start by whisking all the above mentioned ingredients excluding the sliced banana into a bowl. Continue till a well blended mixture appears in front of you after this mix banana in it.

• You will have to dipper batter upon griddle, which should be hot along with cooking spray. It is best that for every pancake you should use ¼ cup batter. It is best to cook till bubbles start to appear on the top and after this turn to brown the opposite side.

• Spread sliced banana to garnish on top

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