Beet was first cultivated and used in northern parts of Europe. It is one of the dietary staples that are taproot portion of a beet plant. The alternative names are garden beet, red beet and the golden beet. One of the interesting facts about this biennial plant is that it is the only plant that is grown during the whole winter season. The versatility of the vegetable is due to the fact that it has natural sweet taste.

Beetroot is commonly used as a natural ingredient of the dessert. It can be boiled, smoked and roasted at the same time. Due to the wide range of health benefits, there are multiple advantages that can be fetched with its use.

There are ample amounts of vitamins, organic compounds, dietary fiber, copper, iron, phosphorous and magnesium available in beet. There are very few vegetables with such terrific health benefits. This vegetable is good against multiple issues like indigestion and anemia. Intake can treat disorders like piles, cancer, and kidney disorders.