Bheja Fry | Brain Fry Recipe | Maghaz Masala 


This dish is made with the brain of a lamb or cow. Many may not like eating but we must say try this just one time and you can’t forget its unique taste. Generally, these types of dishes are prepared during special occasions like Eid-ul-Adha. Try unique and special dishes on this occasion for a remarkable dinner.

How to Store the Goat Brain:

The goat brain can store for a day or two but it is important to use it immediately. The freshly prepared goat brain is a key factor to obtain a delicious taste.

How to Clean the Goat Brain:

It is difficult to clean the frozen goat brain. Always try to clean it before storing it in the freezer. The black veins on the top of the brain are not appropriate for eating. Bheja fry or goat brain is such a tasty dish that is super easy to prepare at home. Serve this with roti, naan, and white plain rice for a better taste otherwise can be eaten directly. This mouth-watering dish is perfect for breakfast. These dishes are cooked on Bakra Eid. Try these recipes at home and enjoy these festivities. For more exciting recipes, visit where hundreds of delicious recipes are available.



Bheja Fry | Brain Fry Recipe


2 Bheja of goat

1 onion small chopped

1 large tomato chopped

2 Green chili chopped

1 tsp Ginger garlic paste

1/2 tsp chili flakes

1/2 tsp Turmeric powder

Salt as taste

Bheja Fry | Brain Fry Recipe

For Garnishing

Ginger slice as required

Coriander leaves as required

Mints leave as required


Bheja Fry | Brain Fry Recipe

Preparation Method

In a pan add water and heat it up.

Add Bheja in it and give a boil of 2 minutes.

Take it out and clean it.

In a deep pan add oil and heat it.

Add the onion and fry it till light brown.

Add tomato in it.

Cook till tomatoes are soft.

Add ginger-garlic paste.

Then add boiled Bheja.

Mix it well.

Add turmeric powder .salt, chili flakes; stir it continuously for 10 minutes.

Garnish it with ginger coriander leaves and mint leaves.

Your dish is ready.


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