Achari Qeema Biryani is a delicious subcontinent dish. It is a healthier dish and usually serves during lunch or dinner, it’s easy to cook. You can easily spice your rice with beef/mutton/chicken mince with the aroma of pickle and the mint. Make Achari Qeema Biryani Recipe at your own kitchen.


• Time for preparation 25 minutes
• The time needed for cooking 50 minutes



Achari Qeema Biryani Recipe

• Rice 2 cups
• Mint leafs 1 bunch
• Green Chilies 4 pcs
• Cooking Oil 1 cup
• Tomatoes (finely chopped) 4 medium pcs
• Garlic (Chopped) 6 pcs
• Cloves 1 teaspoon
• Lemon 3 pcs
• Yellow color one pinch
• Hand-cut beef mince ½ kg
(mutton/chicken mince)
• Salt According to the taste
• Fresh Milk ½ cup
• Crushed Red Chilies 8 pcs
• Turmeric 1 teaspoon


How to Cook:

Achari Qeema Biryani Recipe

Basmati Rice should be soaked in water and after some time water should be drained out. Inside a skillet insert rice along with clean water. Now in mint, you will have to add two green chilies, salt, and all other different spices and boil this mixture, keep it aside.

In a pan fry onions in oil till they get golden and take almost half of them in a tissue paper. Add tomatoes, turmeric, garlic, and ginger to the remaining golden onions after this add mince to this mixture and properly mix all the ingredients.

You should keep an eye on mince and as soon as its water starts to get dry it is best that cloves should be added along with red chilies that have been crushed also add lemon juice and keep this upon simmer for a period of 5 minutes.

In a careful manner oil the skillet of rice and insert a rice layer after then mince in the second layer and rice again at the top. Take yellow color in milk and it should be poured over rice. Insert lemon juice and allow keep the dish for steaming.

Serve the Achari Qeema Biryani with yogurt raita and brown onions.