As the name suggests, the Burdock Root is a type of vegetable that is grown underground tuber of a plant. This particular Root is abundantly found in Northern Europe and Siberia. From the outside, the vegetable is a rough looking.

As far as the texture of vegetable is concerned, it has wooden color and texture. From the inside the whitish color that is because of the fiber present. It should be used immediately right after slicing because it can turn into grayish color.

Using a knife the skin can be removed easily. To make the vegetable soft enough, it can be boiled using hot water.  The versatile root can be used in multiple dishes and cuisines. In most part of the world, Burdock Root is used in salads and the soups.  A younger root is preferably used as a vegetable. The sunflower family member is thin in size and has a brownish root.