What is Buttercream Icing?

Buttercream icing is the most commonly used cake covering. It has a lot of variations. Several are teeth- sweet and thick. Few others are fairly difficult with Rich flavors and textures. This is a type of icing that is commonly used for kids’ cakes, Rich cakes and so far it’s one of the easiest to prepare with few ingredients.


Ingredients: Buttercream Icing Recipe

140g of butter

280g of icing sugar

1-2 tablespoon of milk

Few drops of food coloring



Preparation Method: Buttercream Icing Recipe

  1. Pour half of the icing sugar into a large bowl and add the butter.
  2. Beat or mix the two together in the bowl until its smooth.
  3. If you need a large quantity, you can use whole icing sugar depending on the available butter.
  4. Add drops of milk to the mixture until it’s smooth and spreadable.
  5. Add the drops of food coloring to it and mix together until the color distributed evenly.
  6. Your buttercream icing is ready.



Advantages: Buttercream Icing Recipe

  1. Buttercream icing is less expensive when compared to other types of icing.
  2. Smooth icing, creamy and doesn’t dry out fast.
  3. It tastes better and has a superior mouthfeel.


No doubt, buttercream is simply a blend of butter or shortening, confectioners’ sugar, and flavoring. You can store a cake iced with basic buttercream icing in the house at normal room temperature or in the refrigerator. Anyone can use as topping for cupcakes, butter cakes, sponge cakes, and other desserts.