Calabash is a name of vegetable that belongs to a family of Cucurbita. The Cucurbita is widely used in the culinary recipes. The Indian subcontinent is the region where Cucurbita is mostly grown and used. The bottle shaped vegetable is delicate in flavor and can have various sizes.

The light green color makes it a smooth looking with markings on the outside. The flesh is white in color and it is spongy from the inside with tiny seeds. It is a tasteful vegetable that can offer multiple uses. The flavor of this vegetable is extremely nutty.

This vegetable is used frequently in Indian curries. The texture is firmer and it can be made crisper with multiple cooking techniques. There are electrolytes, minerals and vitamins present in Calabash. It carries almost 14 calories in per 100 grams. Dietary fiber is also present in it with no cholesterol at all. The vegetable is helpful in the digestion process.