The Cassava is a traditional vegetable root that is tuberous and starchy in nature. Cassava root is also referred as Yuca and Brazilian arrowroot. This annual harvested root is used to make several superb recipes. The size of this vegetable is almost eight inches and it has a skin that is brown in color. The flesh inside it is white and it a well-balanced carbohydrate diet. There are multiple cooking techniques that can be used to prepare this root.

Mostly the Cassava is baked, grilled and fried as well. The servings can be made with the meat and curry. The taste is little sweet and it can be chewed easily. Due to the thick nature, it can be used in puddings as well. Large amount of carbohydrates can be taken from this vegetable.

There are majorly two kinds of root available in the market. One is sweet and the other one is bitter in taste. It is originated from Brazil and from some parts of America.