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Dolmades | Stuffed Grape Leaves

This stuffed grape leaves recipe Dolmades originated in Greece. If you can't find fresh vine leaves, use a packet or canned brined leaves. Soak in hot water for 20 minutes then rinse and dry well on kitchen paper before use.

Bread Gulab Jamun Recipe

Gulab Jamuns are normally made with dry milk powder. Now, we are introducing Bread Gulab Jamun Recipe that is also very tasty and I am sure everyone will love it.

Watermelon Smoothie Keeps you Fresh and Healthy  

Watermelon smoothie is a great way to start your day. At breakfast, you can have it as a drink. If you are working in a corporate environment then it can be added a regular drink that should be kept on your table. You can have a super large glass of watermelon smoothie on a regular basis.

Fried Peanuts | فرائیڈ پی نٹ

Are you a big fan of dry nuts? Fried peanuts would be a classic choice to enjoy TV shows and movies. Chewing the crispy and spicy fried nuts will keep your mouth watered. It also gives a salty flavor to keep your energy level up.

Bread Cheese Fingers | بریڈ چیز فنگر

Find a new way to prepare the same thing with little decoration. It is Bread Cheese Fingers | بریڈ چیز فنگر with loads of yummy cheese. Ladies can also add the cheese crunches as well as the chocolate crunches to double the taste and pleasure.  

Vegetable Canape | ویجیٹیبل کینوپی

The crispy and delicious Vegetable Canape | ویجیٹیبل کینوپی is a perfect meal for vegetarians. People who love eating vegetables must remember the recipe of the Veggie canopy.

Baingan ka Raita | بینگن کا رائتہ

Baingan Ka Raita or Aubergine with yogurt or Eggplant yogurt dip is the different nake of this side dish. Eggplant / Aubergine /Brinjal /بینگن is full of minerals like Iron, Potassium, Calcium, etc.

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