Mixed Beans Soup Recipe

  Mixed Beans Soup is a really hearty soup, filled with color, flavor, and goodness, which may be adapted to any vegetables that you like to have.   SERVES                   4 Preparation Time     5 minutes Cooking Time           35 minutes Ingredients: Mixed Beans Soup Recipe 450g mixed canned beans drained and rinsed [...]

Avgolemono Recipe | Egg Lemon Soup Recipe

Avgolemono or Egg Lemon Soup Recipe is the most popular Greek soup recipe. Egg and lemon create a light, nourishing, energizing soup.

Chilled Tomato Sweet Pepper Soup Recipe

This Chilled Tomato Sweet Pepper Soup Recipe is inspired by the Spanish gazpacho, the difference being that this soup is cooked first and then chilled.

Tomato Watermelon Gazpacho | Cold Soup Recipe

Tomato Watermelon Gazpacho is a cold soup of Spain. Gazpacho is a soup of southern Spanish region that is made of raw vegetables and it is served cold.

Beetroot Soup Recipe

As it is rightly said, the eye eats before the mouth and the mind follow, the Beetroot Soup Recipe is so enticing with the reddish color that it is almost irresistible.