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Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne Pepper is also known as the red hot chili pepper, Guinea spice, aleva pepper or cow-horn pepper. Cayenne is basically known to have a high level of spiciness in it. In powdered form, it gives an exceptional and much different taste. As far as the usage is concerned, it is frequently used in Asian dishes. Most of the cooks prefer to use this chili as a substitute because it can extensively change the overall flavor and aroma of any dish.

For culinary use, powdered form is preferred. In most of the sauces, a unique kind of blend can be provided by this Capsicum family member. In raw form, it is mostly cooked with meat and sea food. For regular use, it can also be used as an alternative for salt and pepper. For body health promotion, Cayenne can provide help against various types of muscular pain and stress.

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