Celtuce is one of the vegetables that are quite easy to cook. It is because of the taste that makes it regularly used vegetable. This vegetable is a form of lettuce. The woody shrub can be peeled easily after boiling; however, the skin is generally tough and hard. The taste of spurge family vegetable is crisp in nature. It is can be consumed with or without cooking.

Various cooking methods can be used to prepare vegetable as it can be pickled and roasted at the same time. The flavor is nutty in nature and it can be used in salads. The edible starchy root can be sliced before use. It can be made quickly with a number of combinations like Olive oil, lemon and walnuts.

The Celtuce is actually originated from Southern China. The celery flavor makes it an essential part of Chinese recipes. The leaves are broader in shape and the color is mostly green. The stems are tender in nature and it can tolerate cold temperature.