A quick dinner recipe for family and friends, that everyone will love. The Cheddar Cheese Macaroni Recipe can also be made with chicken or vegetarian.



Cheddar Cheese Macaroni Recipe


Beef mince, 200 grams

Macaroni boiled, 400 grams

Cheddar Cheese (grated), ½ cup

Tomatoes, ½ cup

Onion    (finely chopped), 1

Garlic (chopped), 6 cloves

Capsicums (finely cut), ½ cup

Corn kernels, ½ cup

Red chilies (crushed), 1 tbsp

Hot spices, 1 tsp

Oregano, 2 tsp

Salt, to taste

Oil, 4 tbsp

Basil leaves, for garnish



Preparation Method:

Cheddar Cheese Macaroni Recipe


In a large pan, cook the macaroni in boiling water according to instructions were written on the packet.


Blend tomatoes in a blender.


Heat oil in a pan, fry onion and garlic lightly, add beef mince and fry for 5 minutes. Add blended tomatoes, salt, red chilies, oregano, and hot spices. Cook till beef mince become tender.


Add boil Macaroni and all remaining ingredients except cheeses and basil leave. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.


Dish out macaroni, sprinkle cheese on the top and garnish with basil leaves.


The Cheddar Cheese Macaroni is ready. Enjoy!


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