Cheese and Chili Chapatis Sandwiches are full of healthy ingredients and it is a tasteful and wholesome dish. We are presenting here is an easy preparation method that has the minimum essential ingredients possible, easy to prepare and absolutely filling too. Try this dish in the microwave and give a pleasant surprise to your near and dear ones.


Cheese and Chili Chapatis Sandwiches


Microwave Cooking

Category: Cheesy Chicken Recipe

Recipe: Dinner Recipe

MAKES: 16 Wedges

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 35 minutes


Cheese and Chili Chapatis Sandwiches

5 chapaties (ready)

175 g Cheddar cheese

5 fresh green chilies

4 tbsp fresh coriander, chopped

2 spring onions, sliced

145 g can sweetcorn, drained

Green salad leaves and radish to garnish

Dips, relish or chutney to serve


Preparation Method:

Cheese and Chili Chapatis Sandwiches

First, make the chili flowers by use of a sharp knife, split 4 chilies several times, about 1 cm from stems. Use gloves to avoid itching, if you are sensitive.

Place cut chilies in iced water to separate petals. Set aside for garnish.

Preheat the microwave browning dish according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

In the meantime, grate the cheese into a shallow dish. Finely chop the remaining 1 chili, combine with the cheese and include coriander, sweetcorn, and spring onion and mix well.

Divide the mixture into 4 equal parts and spoon on to each of 4 chapatis.

Cover each chapati with 1 of the 4 remaining chapatis like to make a sandwich.

On the preheated microwave proof browning dish, place 1 chapati sandwich. Cook on high heat (100% power) for 1.30 minutes or until hot, turn the chapatti sandwich on another side after 1 minute.

Remove the sandwich from the dish; let stand for 2 minutes. Meanwhile cook all, the remaining chapattis. Reheat the browning dish as necessary and keep cooked chapatti sandwiches warm.

Cut the chapattis into 4 wedges by use of a sharp knife. Arrange the wedges on plates.

Garnish with Green salad leaves and radish.

Serve the chapatti sandwiches with any favorite Dip, relish or chutney. Enjoy!