Bring a French culinary experience to your breakfast. Create a delicious meal and try this quick and simple Cheese Soufflé Omelet Recipe and enjoy the amazing flavors. This omelet is very light and fluffy. You can fill it with any type of favorite fillers.


Cheese Soufflé Omelet Recipe

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Omelet Recipe

Category: Omelet and Eggs

SERVES: 2 Persons

Preparation Time: 15 minutes




Cheese Soufflé Omelet Recipe

3 eggs separated

1 tbsp milk

30 g butter or margarine

½ tsp dried tarragon

Salt and pepper

Cheddar cheese, grated

Tomato, cucumber, and parsley to garnish



Preparation Method:

Cheese Soufflé Omelet Recipe

In a small mixing bowl using a fork beat the eggs yolk with milk, salt, tarragon, and black pepper.

In a large mixing bowl, whisk egg white until stiff peaks form. With a rubber spatula, gently fold egg yolk mixture into whisked egg whites.

In a medium microwave-safe shallow pie dish, place the butter or margarine. Start heating, covered with kitchen paper on high power for 45 seconds or until melted.

Into a melted butter add the egg mixture. Make the top smooth with the help of a spatula. Cook for 2.30 minutes or until top is almost dry.

With a spatula, mark the line through the center of omelet. Sprinkle cheese over half of the omelet and gently fold omelet over cheese.

Slide omelet on to a warmed serving platter. Garnish with tomato, cucumber, and parsley. Serve warm.



Cheese Soufflé Omelet Recipe

Nutrition Facts:

265 cals per serving,

It is a good source of vitamin A and calcium.