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Cheesy Slow-Cooker Meatballs Recipe

Slow Cooker Cooking

Stuffed Meatballs Recipe

Category: Main Meal Recipe

SERVES: 6 Persons

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 2 hr15 minutes




Cheesy Slow-Cooker Meatballs Recipe

1 ½ lb ground beef, lean (not less than 80%)

½ cup breadcrumbs

2 tbsp of milk

1 egg, (slightly beaten)

5 mozzarella cheese sticks that are cut into small pieces

1 jar of 24 ounces of tomato pasta sauce

1 package 1 lb pasta



Preparation Method:

Cheesy Slow-Cooker Meatballs Recipe

Inside a large mixing bowl, combine bread crumbs, beef, salt, milk egg and pepper using your hands till well mixed. Shape the mixture into small round balls that are about the size of a Ping-Pong ball.

Using your finger, make a hole at the middle of each ball but avoid any hole getting the way through the ball, place a piece of the cheese in the hole, cover the cheese by pinching the hole together. Do the step again using the remaining mixture of beef and cheese pieces.

Spray about 3 ½ – 4 quarts of slow cooker using cooking spray. Pour in the pasta sauce inside the cooker and place your meatballs inside the sauce.

Close the pot and allow the mixture to cook over low heat till 2 hours.

Within 25 -30 minutes before your meatballs are completely done, you should follow the direction on the pasta package to cook your pasta.

Place the pasta on serving plates and pour the meatballs with sauce.

Cheesy Slow-Cooker Meatballs dish is ready to serve.