We all have grown up drinking Cherry Limeade Drink Recipe and it’s the kind of drink, which not only refreshes your body but also does wonders for your overall health and wellbeing.  The corn syrup, attractive red dye, and touch of artificial flavors are things, which you can’t resist at all.

The best part is that now you don’t need to visit juice shop getting this classical drink recipe because only with four ingredients it can be prepared and enjoyed at home. You only need water, honey, lime juice, and cherries also an efficiently working blender and Cherry Limeade with all-natural taste, color and flavor will be prepared.


Let’s discuss the Cherry Limeade Drink Recipe in detail so that readers can also try this at home.



Cherry Limeade Drink Recipe

  • Filtered water 4 cups
  • Raw honey ½ cup
  • Frozen or Fresh cherries
  • Fresh lime juice 5 tablespoons
  • Frozen black cherries 2 cups
  • Lime wedges for garnishing


Preparation Method:

Cherry Limeade Drink Recipe

  • Add water, honey and lime juice into the blender and blend till all these ingredients get mixed properly.


  • To this mixture insert cherries and continue to blend till a smoother mixture is obtained.


  • Pour the mixture in serving glass and add ice.


  • You can use cherries or lime wedges for garnishing.


  • Cherry Limeade Drink is ready, Serve chilled.


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