Staying hydrated during summers is very much important because the body needs water. This means summer is the perfect time for enjoying different kinds of summer drinks and the best part is that you will get the complete opportunity for making amazing refreshers at home.

Cherry Mint Drink is an amazing treat during summers as it will not only allow you to beat the heat but also it’s considered as a healthy drink. Traditionally the term spritzer is used for referring towards chilled tall drink that uses sparkling mineral water or carbonated water. Beat the heat with Cherry Mint Spritzer.

The Cherry Mint Drink provides the flavor of cherry and freshness of mint so it is lighter and produces a cooling effect. You can either take it in unsweetened form or with honey.



Cherry Mint Drink Recipe

  • Pitted Cherries 320 grams
  • Freshly chopped mint 7 grams
  • 500 ml sparkling water (divided)
  • Any sweetener of your choice (optional)


Preparation Method:  

Cherry Mint Drink Recipe


  1. In a blender add cherries and 125 ml of sparkling water and blend till a smoother mixture is obtained. If your blender is not strong enough then strain the mixture at the end for getting rid of cherry skins.


  1. To the above mixture now add mint until it gets mixed. Don’t add in the beginning because this will give a muddy color to the spritzer.


  1. Now transfer the mixture into a glass and mix sparkling water and mint, cherry that is left.


  1. Serve Cherry Mint Drink chilled and enjoy during hot summer days.


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