Chicken Boti Sticks Recipe



Chicken Boti Sticks Recipe

Chicken Boti Sticks Recipe is a delicious chicken dish. Stick Boti recipe is an easy recipe, you marinate the chicken cubes cooked on skewers. This chicken recipe is very simple and all the family members will love!

Chicken Boti Recipe


Chicken Boti Stick Recipe

Chicken Boneless, Quart kilo in the form of cubes

Yogurt, Half cup

Ginger garlic mixture, One tablespoon

Tamarind, One and a half teaspoon

Ground chili, One teaspoon

Tomato puree, One tablespoon

Salt, As desired

Black pepper powder, As desired

Corn flour, Two tablespoon

Egg, One whole

Oil, for cooking

Capsicum, One whole, Cut in cubes

Chicken Boti Recipe

How to Prepare:

Chicken Boti Sticks Recipe

After washing chicken meat, marinate it with yogurt, ginger-garlic mixture, tamarind, ground chili, tomato puree, salt, black pepper, and cornflour. Leave the mixture for two hours.

Heat oil in the pan and add marinated chicken cubes. Fry them at low flame until they become golden. After that, place these cubes on wooden sticks. Also, add capsicum cubes to the sticks. Then fry the cubes along with sticks until they become dark brown in color. Delicious Chicken Boti Stick is ready. Serve them hot in the serving dish.


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