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Chicken Tikka Canapé Recipe

Boneless Chicken, 125 grams

Chicken Tikka masala, 2 tbsp

Bread, 3 slices

Butter, 1 tbsp

Mayonnaise, 1 tbsp

Salt, to taste

Black pepper, to taste

Cucumber, for garnishing

Lettuce, for garnishing

Black olive, for garnishing


Preparation Method:

Chicken Tikka Canapé Recipe


Marinate chicken pieces with chicken tikka masala and set aside for 1 hour.


Heat grill pan; grill the chicken till becoming golden and cut finely.


Grill bread slices on an iron griddle, spread bread on these and cut into round shapes.


Put mayonnaise, salt, and black pepper on each piece.


Place on cucumber and one piece chicken on every piece.

Garnish with olives and lettuce.


Chicken Tikka Canapés are ready to serve. Enjoy!


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