Chicken Vegetable Chinese Kebab Recipe is a combination of chicken kebab with Chinese style vegetables in a combination of Asian spices to create delicious kebabs.



Chicken Vegetable Chinese Kebab Recipe


Chicken mince, ½ kg

Bread, 2 slices

Onion (cubed), 2

Capsicums (cubed), 2

Green Chillies,

(Cut from the middle long)     ,                   4

Soya sauce, ½ cup

Tomato ketchup, 1 cup

Black pepper (crushed), 1tsp

Black pepper (powder), 1 tsp

Vinegar, 1 tbsp

Ginger/garlic paste, 1 tbsp

Salt, ½ tbsp

Oil, for frying


Preparation Method:

Chicken Vegetable Chinese Kebab Recipe


Mix chicken mince, bread slices, Black pepper powder, ginger/garlic paste in a bowl and mix these properly. After mixing it, shape into 12 thin and long shapes kebabs.


Heat the oil and fry these chicken kebabs till brown. Remove from the pot and keep aside.


Sauté Onion and capsicum cubes with Green chilies in frying pan for 1 minute.


Add in pan soya sauce, tomato ketchup, vinegar, and crushed black pepper and remove from the flame.


Dish out Chicken Vegetable Chinese Kebab and serve with vegetables.



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