Steamed chili chicken dumplings have an amazing taste… using fresh chicken fillet, mixed with the sublime tastes of several sauces, those have their own distinctive bite.

Dumplings are like by all age group as it is a fantastic food to make and share family and friend, especially with kids. People use this dish an appetizer. I love theirs wrapping up into little parcels and steam, the end results are delicious. It is served with sweet chili sauce to enhance the taste.




MAKES                                 16

Steamed Cooking


Steamed Chili Chicken Dumplings

Chicken boneless, minced                           250 g

Spring onions, finely chopped                    4

Roasted peanuts, crushed                           ¼ cup

Fresh cilantro                                                ¼ cup

Fresh coriander leaves, chopped                ¼ cup

Sweet chili sauce                                           1 tbsp

Soy sauce                                                        2 tsp

Fish sauce                                                       ½ tsp

Wonton or pot wrappers                               16

Chili sauce                                                       to taste


Preparation Method:

Steamed Chili Chicken Dumplings

Combine minced chicken, spring onion, garlic, peanuts, cilantro, soy sauce, chili sauce, and fish sauce.

Place wrappers on a work surface and cover with a moist kitchen towel. Take each wrapper and place in a gow gee press or place a wrapper on a work surface. Spoon 2 teaspoons filling in the center of the wrapper. Brush edges of wrappers with water and close seal by the press or fold in half pressing with fingers to seal and make a frilled edge. Cover with a moist kitchen towel and repeat with remaining wrappers and filling mixture.

Place chili chicken dumplings in a steamer or steamer basket lined with baking paper, leaving some space for steam to circulate efficiently. Partially fill a pot or wok with water (basket or steamer should not touch water) and bring to a rapid simmer. Place steamer over boiling water and cover and steam for 10 minutes.

Serve dumplings warm with chili sauce.


For Sweet Chili Sauce


Rice vinegar                                        ¼ cup

Fresh lime juice                                  ¼ cup

Fish sauce                                            2 tsp

Brown sugar                                        1 tbsp

Garlic clove crushed                           1 tbsp

Water                                                   1 tbsp

Small red chili, finely chopped          1


To make Sweet Chili Sauce

Combine ingredients, stirring until sugar dissolves.



Steamed Chili Chicken Dumplings

To make these into flower dumpling, fill wrappers, then gather edges around the filling, forming a basket and gently squeeze the center of dumpling to expose the filling at the top. Tap bottom of dumpling on the work surface to flatten. Repeat with remaining wrappers.


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