Chipotle Pepper is basically a dried and smoked chili, a version of a Jalapeno pepper. The name of this pepper comes from a Nahuatl word. In powdered form, its taste gets pretty much stronger. It is a kind of pepper that can add more depth to Asian and Mexican dishes. If served with vegetables, chopped chipotle can provide a little bit of heat. These species are earthy in taste once added to the meat.

Chipotle Pepper – Smoked and Dried Jalapeno

For green food lovers, Chipotle Pepper can add distinct smoky flavor and versatility to the recipes. By taking advantage its mild heat, these species can be stewed with turnip greens as well. For texture and deliciousness in cuisines, it can be a perfect choice for toppings. As a tasty snack, this food source is used in salsas, stews, and sauces. Patients having diabetics and blood pressure issues can use it regularly.