Chocolate OREO Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate OREO Ice Cream Cake

The Chocolate OREO Ice Cream Cake is a creamy cake that is soft in nature. The cake is light kind of dessert that can be served any time.




Ingredients: Chocolate OREO Ice Cream Cake



Chocolate ice cream                                       1-1/3 quarters


Coarsely chopped                                            25 Oreo Cookies


Ice cream                                                            4 cups vanilla





Preparation Method: Chocolate OREO Ice Cream Cake



Take a loaf pan and wrap plastic around.


Take the chocolate ice cream and make the 4 equal slices.


Place the ice cream in to the pan.


Press the ice cream in such a way that it should form a layer.


Take the cookies and place into blender.


Blend the cookies and make chopped cookies.


Keep the cookies aside.


Take half of the cookies and sprinkle on the ice cream layer in the pan.


Use vanilla ice cream over the crushed cookies and press the ice cream.


The layer should be firm.


Sprinkle remaining half of the cookies onto the ice cream.


Cover the layer with the chocolate ice cream that is left.


Use spatula to make the layer even from all the sides and the middle.


Freeze the cookies for 4 hours until it gets firm.


Remove the cake from the pan before serving.


Remove the plastic wrap.


Sprinkle the dessert with the cookies that are left.


The Chocolate OREO Ice Cream Cake is ready to be served.

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