Coffee Jelly is an English creation that first appeared in a recipe book titled, “The New Family Receipt Book”, 1817. The book states that a strongly brewed coffee be mixed with one of the main ingredients, Gelatin and along with Lisbon sugar and cream. The right rigidity of the jelly can be obtained through the proper mix of gelatin and subsequently be able to cut into cubes or any other desired shapes and sizes. You can present it as Coffee Jelly Dessert also.


After about a century, commercial viability was tested and found not so popular among masses. Jell-O, the desserts manufacturer was the first one to try commercial popularity in 1918 and failed miserably.

However, today, it is difficult to find coffee jelly in the UK but found sold in a few shops in the USA.

Japan Coffee Jelly:

Japan tried a different variety of coffee jelly, by replacing gelatin with Agar, a regularly used ingredient in desserts across Asia. Gelatin is made from animal collagen is replaced with algae produced Agar, thus becoming the veggie alternative.

Coffee jelly thus produced must exuberate properly balanced the bitterness of coffee and sweetness of sugar. The jelly may be served with cream in a bowl or in milkshakes or with chocolate sauce and whipped cream or dipped in iced coffee. It can be had on its own too.

In Japan, it is so popular that Starbucks has set up its own brand of Coffee Jelly Iced Coffee Drink, in 2016.

Presently, coffee jelly alone is available in various sizes and shapes like hearts, stars, shells and some fruit shapes apart from some designs, using molds.

While it is not liked by all, those who enjoy knowing their choice of texture and taste of the jelly.


Coffee jelly Recipe | Coffee Jelly Dessert


The coffee jelly using fresh coffee is particularly good and it is a perfect treat for the summer. It’s a great recipe to cool off in the summer.

Coffee jelly Recipe | Coffee Jelly Dessert

Dessert dish
Japanese cuisine
Cooking time – 15 minutes
The cooling time is not included in the cooking time.
Servings – 2 people


Coffee jelly Recipe | Coffee Jelly Dessert

250 ml of coffee

20g espresso coffee beans for 250ml of coffee
3 tablespoons sugar
5 g powdered gelatin
whole liquid cream or milk
Cocoa powder

* 1 tablespoon (cs) = 15 ml, 1 teaspoon (cc) = 5 ml


Preparation Method:

Coffee jelly Recipe | Coffee Jelly Dessert

Grind the coffee beans for fresh coffee. Use a hand coffee grinder is fun and it gives you a special feeling of homemade.

Place the ground coffee in the filter in the funnel. Spread the powder to make a flat surface. The water should be at about 90 ° C (194 ° F). Gently pour just enough water into the funnel to wet the beans. Let stand for 30 seconds.

Then pour the hot water gently over the grains.

Continue to gently pour the water over the beans until you have about 250ml or 1 cup of coffee. Remove the funnel to avoid the last drops as they could add a very bitter taste to the coffee.

Add the sugar to a bowl and pour the coffee over it and dissolve it. Then add the gelatin powder and mix well.

Pour the mixture into a cold square pan. Remove all the foam or bubbles well. Let cool and then put in the fridge so that the jelly solidifies.

When you see the jelly is firm, cut into cubes. To remove it easily, warm the bottom of the mold with warm water.

Place the jelly in a bowl and then place it in dessert cups. Pour some cream on the jelly or add whipped cream. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top and it’s ready to serve!

Cook’s Notes:

You can use regular milk, unsweetened condensed milk or sweetened condensed milk instead of whipping cream.

Make sure it’s very cold. The jelly begins to melt when it is very hot.

The aroma of the coffee and the refreshing texture make the jelly delicious.


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