The Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake Recipe is a kind of dessert recipe that is hard to resist. It is because of the chocolate and the ice cream that is used with a precise combination.



Cookies Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Loaf chocolate pound                     as per requirement

Vanilla ice cream                             5 cups

Oreos                                                 18 pieces

Whipped cream                               Optional



Preparation Method:

Cookies Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Take a loaf pan.

The size of the loaf pan should be same as the size of the cake.

Use a wax paper to add to the base of the pan.

Start slicing the cake.

The slices size should be the same.

3 slices should be enough but of the same size.

Place the cake slices evenly onto the wax paper added to the loaf pan.

Place the ice cream over the top of the cake.

Use one-quarter of the total ice cream

Use Oreos to cover the ice cream from the top.

Gently press the cookies.

Use the same sort of procedure in order to make 3 layers.

Use wan paper to cover the cake and seal the cake.

Before serving, use whipped cream as a layer on the top.

Add cookies if you want to.

Cookies Ice Cream Cake Recipe is completed. Enjoy!


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