Corn on the Cob is not a vegetable but a cereal grain (maize) which originally comes from America and was introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus. The tender, pale golden niblets of sweetcorn are used as a vegetable. Corn contains valuable protein, little fat and lot of carbohydrate in the form of starch. In addition, it also contains vitamins from B group (particularly niacin) and potassium.

Sweetcorn is the term used to refer to corn off the cob, almost always canned or frozen. It is one the America’s favorite vegetables and also increasing in popularity in Europe and all over the world.

Look for cobs with pale gold niblets – if they are dark, the corn was too old.

Baby sweetcorn, harvested when immature, it is a popular ingredient in Oriental cooking but still has little flavor.

Corn cobs should be boiled for 5-8 minutes in slightly sweetened water without salt, which stops them from hardening.

Storage: Corn on the Cob

Fresh corn keeps for a few days in the vegetable section of the refrigerator.