These crisp healthy corn pancakes are delicious to serve as a snack lunch or as a light supper with a crisp mixed salad.



Corn Pancakes Recipe

Self-raising flour, 1 cup

Egg white, 1

Skimmed milk, 2/3 cup

Can sweet corn, drained, 200 g

Salt and black pepper, to taste

Oil, for brushing


Preparation Method:

Corn Pancakes Recipe

Place the raising flour, egg white and skimmed milk in a food processor with half the sweet corn and process until smooth.

Season the batter well and add the remaining sweet corn.

Heat a frying pan and brush with oil. Drop in tablespoons of batter and cook until set. Turn over the pancakes and cook the other side until golden.

Serve Corn Pancakes hot with tomato chutney.


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