Cubanelle Pepper is also called Cuban pepper and Italian Frying Pepper. They are firmer in texture and lot similar to Anaheim pepper.  It is yellowish-green in color with a mild sugary taste. With thinner walls, it is mostly fried using olive oil. In order to enjoy its freshness and palate, it is mostly used in casseroles, salads and vegetable pizzas.

Cubanelle Pepper

One of the reasons for popularity is its fruit like sweet flesh, that is rich in essence and aroma.  For stuffed filling, it is one of the appropriate choices with distinct qualities. For authentic flavor in cuisines like brown rice and mushrooms, Cubanelle is a popular choice as it can turn any dish into the mouth-watering taste. With sufficient amount of vitamin C and vitamin A, it is one of the versatile staples available in the market. Heart health can be maintained with its use because it has Vitamin B6 and folate present.