Cucumber Salad Recipe | Veggie Salad Recipe

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Cucumber Salad Recipe | Veggie Salad Recipe

Cucumbers belong to the family of watermelon and pumpkin. They are cool veggies made up 90 percent water. Cucumbers are having hydrating properties and nutritional benefits with valuable vitamins. They are widely cultivated all over the world.

Make Cucumber Salad Recipe in style for having cool, elegant, crisp and simple veggie salad recipe.



Ingredients: Cucumber Salad Recipe | Veggie Salad Recipe



Cucumbers                                         4

Red onion                                           1 small

Apple cider vinegar                           ½ cup

Garlic clove                                         1

Caster sugar                                       2 pinches

Thyme                                                 2 sprigs



Preparation Method:

Cucumber Salad Recipe | Veggie Salad Recipe



Slice 4 regular cucumbers (about ¼ inch thick) and keep on a plate.

Thinly slice a red onion and add to the plate.

Add ½ cup apple Cider Vinegar, garlic clove, fresh thyme, and caster sugar to a short cup and mix it well.

Pour vinegar mixture over the ingredient in the bowl.

Toss Cucumber Salad Recipe well and serve, the taste will better when you let sit overnight. However, always toss a bit before serving.


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