Daikon radish is an Asian vegetable that is majorly used in Chinese and Asian cuisines. There are some alternative names used for this vegetable as well. Common names are white radish, Asian radish, Chinese radish and Oriental radish.

The color of the vegetable is normally white. The appearance from the inside is also creamy. The best way to use the vegetable is by peeling off the skin at first. Daikon radishes are one of the larger radishes that are grown naturally. The size of the vegetable is almost 6 to 15 inches. The diameter varies a lot with the size; however, it is two to three inches in the diameter.

The flesh from the inside is crisp enough to give a distinct taste and flavor. The quality of Nutrient retention vegetable is that it has a unique spicy flavor that is sweet at the same time. The regular use of Daikon Radish includes garnishing that can provide vitamin C and calcium.