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Delicious Mango Lassi Recipe

Lassi is one of the most famous summertime beverages which enjoy strong popularity in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It can be best described as something that is present between smoothie and milkshake. It is best for beating the summertime heat and helps the body in different ways. There are different versions of lassi present, but today we will discuss a special type that is known as Mango Lassi. There is not only health benefits related with Mango Lassi, but it is also very much tasteful.


Yogurt and milk both can be used for the preparation of Lassi and a variety of health related benefits are associated with both of them. There are natural probiotics present which are helpful in digestion and also keep the colon in a healthy condition. There is lactic acid present inside yogurt that contributes in the development of a stronger and healthy immune system. After taking spicy meal butter milk is also considered as beneficial for relaxing the stomach.

Honey is added in lassi for giving it a sweet flavor and it should act as a healthy alternative for white sugar. There are also a variety of health related with benefits which are normally related with honey as well so all in all Mango Lassi is something, which you should defiantly have during summers.



Ingredients: Delicious Mango Lassi Recipe


  • Buttermilk or yogurt two cups
  • Honey ¼ cup
  • Crushed ice 1 cup
  • Diced mango 1 ½ cup



Preparation Method: Delicious Mango Lassi Recipe


  • Put all ingredients inside a blender and it should be processed for 2 minutes


  • This must be served in a chilled fashion and it should be decorated with a sprig of mint if you want.


Note: Avoid using Greek yogurt because it is too much thick for this recipe

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