Doodh Jalebi with Badam (Almond) is a local delicious desert of subcontinent. You can make it at home easily. You will find this desert amazingly yummy. Give it a try!

• Time needed for preparation 10 minutes
• Cooking time needed is 20 minutes


• Jalebi ½ kilogram
• Saffron ½ teaspoon
• Cardamom powder ¼ teaspoon
• Khoya 1 cup
• Milk 1 liter
• Sugar according to the requirement
• Egg white 2 pcs
• Almonds 100 grams

How to cook Doodh Jalebi with Badam (Almond)

Inside a pan make the addition of milk, sugar, saffron and powder of cardamom and start by cooking at low heat. The jalebiyan should be spread inside a dish with wide bottom and cooked milk should be put in it. After this, egg white that has been beaten should be spread and one should make the addition of almonds and khoya.

You will have to bake this mixture for a period of 15 to 20 minutes at 180 degree centigrade. The delicious and tasty Doodh Jalebi with Badam (Almond) is ready to serve.