Edamame is a type of bean that is served as an appetizer and a side dish. The Edamame Beans are mostly used in China, Hawaii, and Japan. The beans have all the qualities that are present in a nutritional punch. The beans can be best when they are served fresh. They are enriched with the presence of vitamin K, micronutrients, folate, dietary fiber and manganese.

The Edamame Beans are said to have a good supply fatty acids. There are 231 grams of fatty acids present in 100 grams of Edamame. One of the interesting facts about this bean is that it is gluten free and doesn’t have any kind of cholesterol.  Protein, iron and the calcium is significantly present in these types of the beans. The regular use can promote the healthy complexion and at the same time, it can also enhance the energy levels. Weight conscious people can use these beans as it helps in lowering the body weight.