Edible name Biscuits Recipe

Edible name Biscuits Recipe


Kids love to eat cookies. Mothers can bake delicious cookies at home with the help of a simple recipe. It is time to bake Edible name biscuits for a big surprise for your kids. These   biscuits provide healthy nutrients for the kids.



Ingredients for Edible name Biscuits Recipe:


You will need following items to bake delicious cookies.

  • Icing sugar 300 grams.
  • Peppermint extract 0.5 tablespoon.
  • Giant cookie 4 pieces.
  • Sprinkles and sweets for decoration.



Preparation Method: Edible name Biscuits


It is very simple prepare Edible name place biscuits. In fact, you don’t need to have an oven because it is all about writing a name on the cookie. In order to bake these cookies it is required to follow the given steps.


  1. First of all, mix the icing sugars with water.


  1. Add peppermint extract and make the icing thick.


  1. Now take the giant cookie and spread the thick icing around it.


  1. Leave it for 10 minutes.


  1. Write the name of a kid in the center.


  1. Check the icing and ensure it is dry.


  1. Wrap the cookie with name inside a gift box and tie up a beautiful ribbon.

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