Egg Mousse Recipe

Egg Mousse Recipe


Egg Mousse is a sweetened dessert that is stabilized with gelatin and chilled in a Refrigerator. It is light and easy to make desserts recipe for any occasion. Egg Mousse Recipe is an ideal for a dinner party starter.


Ingredients: Egg Mousse Recipe


Hard boil eggs                                    3

((Yolk and white separated)

Gelatin powder                                 15 grams

Chicken stock                                    150 ml

Thick mayonnaise                            300 ml

Curry paste                                       1-2 tablespoon

Worcestershire sauce                      few drops

Salt                                                     to taste

Black pepper                                     to taste

Parsley sprigs                                   to garnish



Preparation Method: Egg Mousse Recipe


Sprinkle the gelatin over the stock in a small pan and leave for 1-2 minutes to soften and become spongy. Set the pan over very gentle heat without allowing it to boil, until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Liquid should be absolutely clear.


Leave the gelatin to cool, then whisk it slowly into the mayonnaise in a bowl until smooth.


Sieve the egg yolks and stir into the mayonnaise mixture with the curry paste and Worcestershire sauce. Chop the eggs white and fold two-thirds of them into the mixture. Spice carefully with salt and pepper.

Whip the egg white stiffly and fold it into the mixture with a large metal spoon until evenly incorporated. Pour into an 850 ml soufflé dish (see serving ideas).


Refrigerate for about 3 hours or until set. Just before serving, garnish with the remaining chopped egg white and the parsley sprigs.



Serves                                                  4


Nutrition facts:            555 calories per portion


Cooking Time:   Egg Mousse Recipe

Preparation takes about 30 minutes including hard boiling the eggs, allow 3 hours for the mousse to set.


About Curry Paste:

Curry paste is a blend of curry powder, oil and vinegar. It is very handy for adding to sauces and liquid mixtures as it dissolves easily than curry powder.


Watch Point:

If soaked gelatin is allowed to boil, it will lose its setting power.

Serving Ideas:  Egg Mousse Recipe

An attractive way to serve this Egg Mousse, it is an ideal for a dinner party starter. Set the mixture in 4 ramekins and accompany with toast.

To serve the mousse turned out, rinse inside of dish with cold water before putting in mixture; when set, run knife round the edge before molding on to inverted plate.

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