Elephant Garlic was first grown in the year 1941 by Nicholas Gardens. It is treated as a vegetable and used in most of the recipes. This particular garlic is different from the regular garlic in a number of ways. The flavor of this garlic is less intense than that of the normal garlic. The vegetable can be used as the best replacement of the regular garlic because it can give mild sweet flavor to the users.

The elephant garlic is cultivated two different times during the year. Spring and the autumn are the most favorable time for the growth of Elephant Garlic. The vegetable can be roasted and added to the dishes like the soups and the stews. The shape of the garlic is bulb-like and there is a papery skin on the outside. The shelf life of the garlic is much lesser than that of the other regular garlic. With antibacterial properties, the garlic is a practical choice for most of the recipes.