Emerald Green Fruit Salad Recipe

Emerald Green Fruit Salad Recipe

The refreshing Emerald Green Fruit Salad recipe is an easy fruit salad that can be eaten on lunch and dinner. You can make this salad with available fruits of the season. Tropical fruits could be a nice addition too.



Ingredients: Emerald Green Fruit Salad Recipe


Green apple, cored and sliced                        2

Ripe melon, diced                                            1 small

Star fruit, sliced                                               1

Kiwi fruit, sliced                                               1

Lime juice                                                         2 tbsp

Clear honey                                                     2 tbsp

Mint sprigs                                                      to décor




Preparation Method: Emerald Green Fruit Salad Recipe



Mix together the lime juice and honey in a large bowl then toss apple slices in it.


Stir in the melon, star fruit and kiwi fruit. Place in a glass serving dish and chill before serving.


Decor Emerald Green Fruit Salad with mint sprigs and serves with yogurt or fresh cheese. You can use different fruits also to make this healthy fruit salad.


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