Escarole endive is a curly leave type of vegetable. You can find this veggie from the Mediterranean region. The leaves are smooth and rounded with little broader in size. This particular type of green leaves served with the salad and you can also sauté.  Commonly they are available with soups. It is equally beneficial to use them in raw form. One of the best ways is to add shallots, mustard, nuts, and tomatoes with this vegetable.

Endive is a Good Source of Calcium, Phosphorus, and Iron

It is a good source of calcium, phosphorus, and iron, one can use as salad regularly. Batavian or Bavarian endive is one of the alternate names. In most of the dishes, people like broader size leaves. They are milder in taste as compared to the other family members. You can make the Green salads tasteful with the use of these curly leaves. They can be added to mayonnaise dressing to make it look colorful. Escarole endive can be a fine addition to the stews and soups.


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